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Image by Xavier crook
a family legacy

In Mexican culture food is synonymous with family and Bully Taco is no different. 


The brain child of father/daughter duo Pedro Alanis and Leslie Alanis Carranza, Bully Taco Catering is part of a legacy which has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community for over 40 years. As a family of "Taqueros" or "Taco Makers," every member of the Bully Taco team is committed to serving food that not only delivers on quality and taste, but also provides an experience that is representative of their family's history and Mexican culture. 

Bully Taco is proud to be family owned and operated since 2019. 

Bully Taco Management Team from left to right: Pedro Alanis, Alejandro "Mister Alex" Garcia, Leslie Alanis Carranza, Juan Carranza

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