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a family legacy

In Mexican culture food is synonymous with family and Bully Taco is no different. 


The brain child of accomplished Taquero and Restauranteur, Pedro Alanis, Bully Taco Catering is part of a legacy which has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community for over 40 years. For three generations the members of the Bully Taco family have owned, operated, and worked in Mexican taquerias and restaurants. As a family of Taqueros, or Taco Makers, all of our recipes are 100% authentic and originate directly from Mexico City, Mexico.


In creating Bully Taco Catering our vision has always been to bring the same authentic experience and feel of being in a traditional taqueria directly to you. Through creating custom experiences for our clients Bully Taco honors the memory and cooking traditions passed down from Pedro's late mother, Rosa Montoya, one event at a time.

Rosa Maria Montoya 

"La Guera" 


Forever our mother, grandmother, and inspiration. 

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