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In English, the word "Taquiza" literally translates to "Taco Party" and that's exactly what Bully Taco is all about! We specialize in bringing the taqueria straight to you and providing authentic, mexican tacos and street fare for all events and occasions. 

We currently offer two distinct catering options that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Each catering package is custom built for each client so whether your event is large or small Bully Taco is here to ensure your guests have an experience they are sure to remember. 

service types

Self-Serve buffets

Complete with ready to serve proteins, sides, and add ons our self-serve buffets are perfect if you are looking for an easy and delicious catering option that your guests will love! Ideal for corporate functions, staff parties, and small to mid-sized events!  

  • 20 person minimum for booking
  • Recommended for events with headcounts between 20 - 65 
  • Includes drop off & set up of self-serve buffet, disposable wire chafing racks, & two hours of chafing fuel
Pricing Starts at $16.00 per person + tax

taquero service

With our taquero service we bring the taqueria straight to you! Choose this option and guests can come up, choose their favorite options, and our taqueros will assemble their tacos to order! Perfect for outdoor events, weddings, and large scale celebrations! 

  • 60 person minimum for booking
  • Recommended for all events with headcounts of 60 +
  • Includes two hours of taquero service, additional line servers, and completely customizable service options
Pricing Starts at $19.00 per person + tax
Chef at a street food market preparing a taco_edited.jpg

Select your service

From self-serve buffets to the complete taquero experience Bully Taco is here to help make your special occasions that much easier.

Choose your set up

Modern or traditional, rustic or sophisticated, Bully Taco offers customizable plating and set up options for any event size or budget.

Carne Asdas Tacos and Jarritos Mandarin_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Customize your menu

Are you craving street tacos? Or maybe you would like burrito bowls or tortas? We can create a custom menu that will make your taquiza dreams come true.

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